Most colourful sunset I have witnessed in Glasgow during my time here so far.

After Sunset

Most colourful sunset I have witnessed in Glasgow during my time here, which came at the end of a very hot and sunny day.

Seven Coloured Earths in Mauritius

Seven Coloured Earths in Mauritius

For those who have been to Mauritius as tourists or planning to go there, this probably comes high up in to see list.

A single sail boat on the wide blue sea.


This was taken on the New Year’s Day - 1 January 2013 - in southern Italy, just off Sorrento.

Sunlight playing tricks with water.


This photo was my favourite desktop background for quite a few months after I captured it during a summer hike on the Kungsleden in northern Sweden.

Dark silhouettes of the baobabs contrast with the colourful horizon right after the sunset.

Baobabs after sunset

This is one of my favourite shots of the baobabs in the Avenue of the Baobabs. Here, I tried to contrast the dark silhouettes of the baobabs with the colourful horizon immediately after the sunset.

A beautiful dawn sky in northern Uganda.

East African Dawn

I took this photo one early morning in northern Uganda in May 2008. I was there on a field visit and we were staying in a village with few facilities. The place was hot and I couldn'’t sleep much. As soon as the dawn broke, I got out to see this beautifully-coloured sky. The building where I was staying appears as silhouette.



This is a macro shot of anther and stigma of a yellow lily flower, with the former full of pollens. The shot was taken indoor with the natural light from the sun coming in through the windows. I used my old Canon EOS 400D with an EF-S 60mm (f/2.8) macro lens for this shot.