A dramatic entrance to the Glasgow Necropolis, made more so by the pinhole camera effect.

Entering the city of the dead

The ornate gate right across the bridge is not in use but the entry to the Necropolis in Glasgow via this bridge, apparently called the ‘‘Bridge of Sighs’’, is nevertheless dramatic. Most of the larger tombs are on the top of the hill, making it really look like a settlement on the top, a city for the dead who could pay for a luxurious afterlife. Its a fascinating place to visit if you are visiting Glasgow.

A hut with kitchen attachment in Tanambe, a remote village in the hills in eastern Madagascar.

The place of others

The last of our field research sites is also one of the remotest. It took us five days just to get to the site from the capital Tana (Antananarivo for those not familiar). The hilly region is full of fast flowing streams and rivers, and the landscape beautiful. But life of the people there is extremely hard, with few options than hill-rice farming. Extreme poverty was clear to see everywhere. As you arrive at a village outskirts, you know the village is nearby from the strong stench you experience from the open defecation. People have few good clothes to wear, the dwellings are very basic - built from bamboo and twigs, and banana leaves or palm fronds for the roof. Despite the hardship and extreme poverty, people were welcoming and treated us well, even letting us stay in one of the better huts.