A London parakeet making most of the early cherry blossom.

A parakeet enjoys the early cherry blossom in London

Another from my lockdown daily walks - this was taken in mid-March 2021 in Lewisham park in London.

A baby caterpillar heading down.

Crawling down

A close-up of a baby caterpillar on descent after eating all the leaves. Taken in Lalitpur, Nepal in July 2011.

Common brown lemur in Mitsinjo, Andasibe.

Brown lemur in Mitsinjo

Photographing wildlife is never easy, especially the ones that move a lot. Even though these lemurs, brown lemurs, are relatively common in and around Mitsinjo in Andasibe, and would appear in the afternoon just outside the hall where we had our meeting, I hardly managed to get a good shot. From what I had this is the best, not really happy with the result but this will do for now.

The Pink Pigeon from Mauritius - one of the rarest birds in the world.

Pink Pigeon

One of the rarest birds in the world, the Pink Pigeon endemic to Mauritius was once on the brink of extinction. The population now stands above 400 through conservation efforts. I saw this one on the trip to Ile aux Aigrettes.

European robin seen in Ladywell Fields in Lewisham  .

Britain's favourite bird

One of the most common but also a favourite bird you’ll see in the British Isles. This one literally posed for photographs for over 15 mins early in March 2021 when I was out for my daily walk during the covid lockdown - and luckily I had carried my camera that day!

A close-up of butterfly attracted by a yellow flower.

Yellow Attraction

Trying to get as close to the butterfly as possible.

A giant chameleon in Madagascar that lives on a mango tree.

Giant Chameleon

This is one of the very first giant chameleon that I saw in Madagascar during my first trip here in November 2013. It was living on a big mango tree in the village that I was staying in for my fieldwork. I tried to take at least a few photographs every day to get the shot I wanted, and this is one of my favourite.