A mobile-phone-photograph of the *Avenue of the Baobabs* at sunset.

Avenue of the Baobabs

Among many attractions that I had heard/read about in Madagascar before coming here was the Avenue of the Baobabs, often accompanying with its image at sunset. That is what we wanted to see and capture when we made our trip there this week. And this is one of the photographs that I captured, from possibly hundreds (more will surely follow) - but I wanted to upload this first because I took this from my mobile phone and I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

A part of the Moka Range in Mauritius.

Moka Range

Small island of Mauritius is stunningly beautiful, and has some very interestingly shaped hills in among its mountain ranges. This is part of the Moka Range as seen from the top of Le Pouce a popular climb in the same range.

View of Thirlmere and the mountains beyond from the Swirls car park.

Not an ordinary car-park-view

We spent this (2017) year’s Christmas break in the Lake District, and managed to go out a bit on days that were relatively less wet. On the way back to our base just outside Greystoke village from a day trip to Windermere, we stopped briefly at Swirls car park and were greeted with this amazing view of Thirlmere and beyond. The sun was about to set, hence the golden lighting on top of the hills (or mountains if you will). I'’m determined to travel back in the summer for nice walks around here - it was too cold and wet this time around.

One of the beautiful glens in the Scottish highlands.

Highland paradise

I had never expected Scottish highlands to be beautiful. I knew it was mostly empty (of people) but I was expecting much more sheep and cattle than I did. For the most part, it appeared pristine, and reminded me in parts of my travels in northern Sweden and in parts my travels in interior British Columbia in Canada. Overall it was a great three-day trip with lots of great pictures.

I wonder how many people outside of Madagascar know that it is a hilly country.

Hills of Madagascar

I wonder how many people outside of Madagascar know that it is a hilly country. There are flat lands too, but during my fieldwork most of the landscape I see are the hills, often picturesque rolling hills like these.

The Arrochar Alps

The Arrochar Alps

Ruins attract me, regardless of what they are of. When we went to Arrochar, a small village on the shores of Loch Long last weekend, this remains of what looked like that of a pier caught my eye straight on. This view from just outside of the “three villages community centre” particularly so, looking towards what are known as the “Arrochar Alps”. I processed a bit to try to give this an old photo look.

One of my favourite views in the Isle of Skye - looking towards the Staffin bay (far end on the right) from Quiraing.

Quiraing, Isle of Skye

One of my favourite views in the Isle of Skye - looking towards the Staffin bay (far end on the right) from Quiraing. This was taken in May 2016.

Flooded outskirts of Antananarivo as seen from Ambohimanga hill.'

Flooded Tana

For people who rely primarily on rain-fed paddy here in Madagascar, a good rainy season is vital for their survival. However, it could be a nightmare especially when it rains too much within a short period of time. Good drainage system is virtually non-existent even in urban area, so all the rain that falls flows through the tarred roads and concrete, flooding not just low-lying areas of the city but the flatlands all around. This picture was taken in March 2015 from Ambohimanga hill on my rare day-out here in Antananarivo.

The bridge over Ume River in northern Swedish city of Umeå.


When I first arrived in Umeå in September 2011, this is the first proper landmark that I saw, and what a bridge this is - I never got tired of taking its photographs throughout my two-year-stay in the city. I took this photo in April when the Ume River was just beginning to melt after the annual winter freeze.