on way to Ben Nevis

Climbing Ben Nevis

A view across the highlands from just around half way up the Ben Nevis mountain, taken using Samsung S9 in July 2019.

highrise fern


A close-up shot of a tall fern(?) stalk inside one of the glass houses at the Glasgow Botanic Garden.

monochrome of a street in Lancaster city centre

Out in Lancaster

A street in Lancaster city centre, captured in monochrome.

view from Waterloo bridge

London cityscape

A view from the Waterloo Bridge in London, taken using S9.

flower macro


Macro shot of a flower taken using S9 at the Glasgow Botanic Garden.

blue boats

Blue boats

Small fishing boats in Kochin on a hot sunny morning, taken using S9 in December 2019.

Saffron Square

Sharp edges

Saffron Square, tallest building in Croydon.